How to Buy a Franchise

Family Opinion: Ally or Adversary?

By BPD Consulting Group / February 6, 2020 /

When starting up a business, family members and close confidants may get a seat at the table and have a vote in your decision. Some may find counsel from a wide array of individuals to be helpful.  Others find an open forum leads to opinions that may be classified as unsubstantiated or naïve. Before you…

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Why Franchisees Should Welcome Company Stores

By BPD Consulting Group / August 6, 2019 /

Often, frustrations can remain private. When vocalized, word can spread. Occasionally, we are made aware of some franchisees requesting for an end to company-owned stores. From an outside perspective, you can see the value of the opinion and you can understand their position. However, company stores are actually incredibly valuable for franchisees for a number…

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